Posted November 29, 2012

Celtics’ Rajon Rondo gets flagrant foul for ‘punk play’ on Heat’s Dwyane Wade

Ben Golliver, Boston Celtics, Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat, Rajon Rondo


By Ben Golliver

What would opening night between the Celtics and Heat be without a little feistiness?

Boston’s Rajon Rondo was hit with a flagrant foul one for grabbing the neck of Miami’s Dwyane Wade during the final minute of Tuesday night’s regular season opener at American Airlines Arena.

Wade attempted to attack off the dribble with about 20 seconds remaining on the clock, when Rondo used his left arm to wrap up Wade’s neck and then used his right arm to grab Wade’s right arm, preventing a shot attempt. Wade clasped the ball above his head, seeming to think twice about throwing it at Rondo, and then the two All-Star guards came together to exchange some words.

The officiating crew intervened and then reviewed the tape, assessing the flagrant foul to Rondo.

The Heat went on to win 120-107. Wade finished with 29 points, four assists, three rebounds, two steals and a block on 10-for-22 shooting in 35 minutes. Rondo finished with 20 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds on 9-for-14 shooting in 44 minutes.

After the game, Wade had some choice words on Rondo’s foul.

“That was a punk play,” Wade said, according to the Miami Herald. “He clotheslined me with two arms.”


Not the smartest play by Rondo, but Wade was fouling him on both ends of the court all night long without any call.  Plus, the Elbow from a couple of years ago .... Wade's one of the dirtiest players in the league.  Too bad he never gets called.



 The elbow from a couple years ago was a product of gravity and physics. Go to youtube and watch the tape, Rondo hooks Wade around his left hip and pulls him, legs get tangled and they both fall, Wade lands on top and Rondo lands akwardly on his arm hyperextending the elbow. I'd love to see the two of em go at it in the octagon though.