Posted November 12, 2012

NBA unveils new single-color Christmas Day jerseys

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New Christmas Day jerseys for the Thunder and Heat. (NBA)

By Ben Golliver

Prepare to have your mind blown a little bit.

On Monday, the NBA and Adidas unveiled new-look jerseys for the league’s Christmas Day slate and beyond. Christmas is always the NBA’s biggest day of the regular season, and this year is no different. The league has a quintuple-header scheduled.

Dubbed the “BIG Color” uniforms, all 10 teams playing on Christmas will get single-color jersey designs.

“I grew up watching games on Christmas Day and it’s a huge honor to have your team play in front of millions around the world,” said All-NBA center Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers. “I’m excited to wear these BIG Color uniforms that bring style and flare to the court and represent my team!”

The uniforms feature a monochromatic color scheme with solid color team logos, names, and numbers framed with minimal accent color and a shimmer finish for a bold statement.

“We worked with adidas to amplify our long-standing tradition of playing on Christmas Day,” said NBA Executive Vice President Global Merchandising Sal LaRocca. “BIG Color gives our players an enhanced look on the court and highlights one of the most visible dates during our season with a new and exciting range of products.”

Click through to see what the NBA’s Christmas Day jerseys look like.

12:00 p.m. ET: The Celtics will visit the Nets in the new Barclays Center. Boston goes all green, of course. Brooklyn is mostly black everything.


New Christmas Day jerseys for the for the Celtics and Nets. (NBA)

3:00 p.m. ET: The Knicks will face Mike D’Antoni’s Lakers at Staples Center. New York get the pumpkin treatment; L.A. goes all-white.


New Christmas Day jerseys for the for the Knicks and Lakers. (NBA)

5:30 p.m. ET: In a Finals rematch, the Thunder will take on the Heat at American Airlines Arena. Oklahoma City goes blue; Miami goes deep red. (See pictures of the jerseys at top.)

8:00 p.m. ET: The Rockets will play the Bulls in the United Center. Chicago in red; Houston in gray.


New Christmas Day jerseys for the Bulls and Rockets. (NBA)

10:30 p.m. ET: In the nightcap, the Nuggets will play the Clippers at Staples Center. (Still waiting on pictures of the jerseys for these two.)

The NBA also released new looks for five other teams on Monday.

Here’s the Spurs in gray and the Grizzlies in blue.


New jerseys for the Spurs and Grizzlies. (NBA)

The Jazz get a deep blue while the Pacers go gold.


New jerseys for the Jazz and Pacers. (NBA)

The Mavericks, finally, also get the gray treatment.


New Mavericks jerseys. (NBA)


Another marketing scheme to sell more NBA merchandise!


In every NBA city, there are people starving; people without homes. Yet each team is going to spend $25,000 on new uniforms for a day? This is absurd.  That is food, for a week, for 1000 people.



And so be it.  Nobody is forcing anyone to purchase said product.  If one wants to, we in the USSA still have that option to purchase what we like.  Where is the foul in that?


 @KenKing Tough crowd Ken. Thanks for saying what you said, your heart is in the right place. More products, more sales, more crap, more, more, more is taking all of  us in the wrong direction.

 @KenKing Feel free to drop your own money to feed them if you are really that concerned. In fact how about you start with selling the computer you used to post moronic comment. 


 @KenKing Altruism at its finest...I agree with D, sell your computer, T.V., anything else you dont need and then maybe some kids in africa will not die from starvation. After all this socialist mentality is starving everyone! The NBA is successful, and we use to live in a country that rewarded the successful. 


 @KenKing sell your computer and feed the homeless, it's the right thing to do




 @KenKing Your point being what?  The NBA is in the basketball business & is still allowed to spend it's money as it chooses.   Unless the socialist plague running rampant in the country has enacted a law against it.   How much are you doing to help out these starving & homeless people?   I would venture a guess that the league, along with every team in it has done more than you have, so maybe it is time for you to stop trying to tell others how to live their lives & worry about you.


 @dcj707  @KenKing 

You're so right dcj707, more and more handouts are pushing the USSA into the toilet looking for Mr. Ty-D-Bol to throw us a life saver.

The Dude
The Dude  @KenKing Idiots! He was not making a claim that the government should be controlling the distribution of NBA profits. Just noting that a private organization is making a wasteful choice in light the alleged season of the birth of the fictional god most of you probably claim to worship (however ignorantly and hypocritically).