Posted November 20, 2012

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant autographs fan’s giant ‘Black Mamba’ tattoo

Ben Golliver, Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers star Kobe Bryant autographed a fan’s tattoo. (

By Ben Golliver

Lakers star Kobe Bryant hit the community service circuit hard this weekend, leaving a diehard fan with a one-of-a-kind memento.

Bryant partnered with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles to serve as the Honorary Chair of a 5K walk to end homelessness. More than 10,000 people showed up, and Bryant delivered an early morning speech, according to KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

“The homeless initiative is something that’s kind of been put on the backburner, so we wanted to lend our name to something that needed a little light shined on it,” said Bryant.

Bryant’s official Facebook page is filled with pictures from the event, including one of a fan whose left upper arm is covered with a tattoo devoted to Bryant. The tattoo, which is really more like a mural, includes Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname, his jersey No. 24, two championship rings, Bryant’s Nike logo, and an image of a snake. The fan’s tattoo appears to bear Bryant’s signature as he proudly poses for the photograph.

A female Facebook user identifies the tattooed man as her boyfriend and writes that the tattoo was indeed autographed: “The tattoo is real. … He was so excited and Kobe was super cool!!”

Youth homelessness in Los Angeles has been a key area of focus for the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. The annual 5K walk has raised $2.2 million over the last five years, according to the United Way.

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My name is Josh Ramirez ( of Rosemead, CA and that is me in the picture! The signature has already been tattooed and the rest of the tattoo is going to be finished in the next few weeks. Thanks to Kobe for making it a very special tattoo as well as an experience of a lifetime! Also, thanks to for the awesome exposure. And last, but definitely not least, to my girlfriend Terry Oliva of El Monte, CA for posting and commenting on the experience. 


where does all this money go? charities are nothing but scams themselves. 


I can't be the only person wondering if the guy plans on getting the signature tattooed on him.