Posted November 20, 2012

D’Antoni to make Lakers debut Tuesday

Ben Golliver, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, Mike D'Antoni
Mike D'Antoni

Mike D’Antoni has been recovering from recent knee surgery. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

By Ben Golliver

Mike D’Antoni told reporters Tuesday that he will officially make his Lakers coaching debut against the Nets at the Staples Center on Tuesday night. D’Antoni was hired by the Lakers last week, following the Lakers’ decision to fire Mike Brown, but assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff continued to serve as interim coach while D’Antoni recovered from a recent knee replacement.

The Lakers fired Mike Brown on Nov. 9 following an 0-8 preseason and a 1-4 start to the regular season. Bickerstaff, who will be retained on D’Antoni’s staff, posted a 4-1 record as interim coach while D’Antoni watched his team play from the locker room.

D’Antoni, 61, was hired on Nov. 12 after rumors linked the Lakers to legendary coach Phil Jackson. He promised to bring his high-octane, “Seven Seconds or Less” offensive approach to the star-studded Lakers.

“We would love to be able to play ‘Showtime’-type basketball,” D’Antoni told reporters at his introductory press conference. “Now, they might have done it the best that you can do it. We would like to get some place close to that. I think that would be awesome.”

Los Angeles will be without starting point guard Steve Nash, who played for D’Antoni on the Suns, as he continues to rehabilitate from a lower leg injury.


What this guys did in NY was coach his players through the media and throw them under the bus when he fails. Listen at this guy.

"I think we have guys who can get rings, and they're the ones who are going to get 'em. ... You're not going to outcoach other coaches. Everybody's too prepared. Everybody works too hard to think that I'm going to sit there and figure out something that they haven't figured out. You just don't do that. Players have to eventually be accountable and they have to be the ones to go win the game for you.""

"Well, the advantage is, if you've got good players, it works. If you've got bad players, it doesn't work. And that would be anywhere." He is already saying if we don't win it is not my fault. It is the players fault. 

Why did they hire you?

He also said

"If you've got the best team, why wouldn't you play the most possessions that you can play defensively and offensively? Any time the possessions are cut down, then a bad call, a missed shot, you've got a chance to lose. But if we keep the possessions up here, to me we've got a lot better chance to win when we're playing a lot of reps."

Hey Mike, the other team gets more reps increasing their chances also. A difference in the number of possessions of each team - effected by rebounding and defense - would make a difference not just increasing reps. If you get two possessions and the only guy gets one then you only have to shoot 50% to his 100% to stay even.

Jerry West - after the hiring

" has faults...""... must hire the right coach...

"Magic - Hiring antoni

"...was a mistake...", "...the wrong coach..."