Posted November 29, 2012

Video: Nets’ Johnson makes Celtics’ Pierce fall down with low crossover

Ben Golliver, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce


By Ben Golliver

“You wrong for that, Joe Johnson!”

Is there any other reasonable reaction to watching this clip from the fourth quarter of the Nets’ 95-83 win over the Celtics at TD Garden on Wednesday?

While the headlines went to a fracas involving Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries that spilled into the crowd and led to three ejections, Johnson unleashed one of the highlights of the young season, toying around with a low crossover dribble combination that brought Paul Pierce to his knees.

With Brooklyn leading 74-65 and a little more than eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, Johnson isolated on Pierce on the right angle. As Pierce closed in to defend against a pull-up three-pointer, Johnson dribbled the ball back-and-forth from his right hand to his left hand, before going low, executing a series of mini-dribbles just off the hardwood. As Pierce reached down to disrupt the dribbling, Johnson sprang into action, crossing from left to right and stepping into a mid-range jumper, which he knocked down over Jason Terry. Pierce was left grasping for air in a stumbling attempt to avoid falling to his knees.

Be sure to stick around for the full highlight to see the close-up, reverse angle. Devastating and sympathy-inducing. Johnson finished with 18 points, four rebounds, six assists and one steal on 6-of-14 shooting in 41 minutes.

Video via YouTube user hart4basketball


Pierce didnt get crossed up. Not in the conventional sense. He realized Johnson lost his handle and lunged for the ball. Johnson flails for the ball with his fingertips and luckily got it back. Pierce made the smart play J.Johnson got lucky to recover a garbage dribble. It wasnt a setup and crossover as its being portrayed.


Unless I watched the wrong video, Pierce lunged for the ball and lost his balance.



@KennethIcantstop Cant stand the celtics but that was luck not sick. Johnson lost control of his dribble and got lucky. Pierce went for the steal realizing the bobble.