Posted December 07, 2012

McGee celebrates wacky dunk by shoveling invisible food into mouth

Ben Golliver, Denver Nuggets, Ian Mahinmi, Indiana Pacers, JaVale McGee


By Ben Golliver

There’s so much going on in this poster dunk. Nuggets center JaVale McGee, no stranger to high-flying plays of wonder, flings the ball down into the hoop over Pacers center Ian Mahinmi, then celebrates by pretending to shoveling invisible food in his mouth while running back down the court.

The play unfolded early in the second quarter, as Nuggets forward Andre Iguodala pushed the ball upcourt, stopping in the paint to drop off the ball to McGee, who was trailing the play. The Pacers, caught out of position while getting back, allowed McGee a clear path to the hoop, but he veered off a bit to the right, leaping to attempt a dunk over a late-arriving Mahinmi. The ball left McGee’s hand before he could really follow through but it wound up landing perfectly through the net as he crashed to the floor.

McGee, a 24-year-old seven-footer, competed in the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest but lost to eventual champion Blake Griffin.

Check out an animated .GIF of this fling dunk below.



You do realize he wasn't pretending to eat food, he was pretending to be an old school camera.. aka a highlight reel.


 @TerryBlosser Good catch, i was thinking why would somebody shovel food in their mouth after a dunk? Makes no sense. But then again its McGee so i believed it haha.