Posted February 05, 2013

Metta World Peace suspended for striking Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers, Metta World Peace

By Rob Mahoney

Metta World Peace continues to find new and exciting ways to warrant league-issued suspensions.

According to an NBA release, the Lakers forward will suffer a one-game penalty for an incident that took place on Sunday between World Peace and Pistons guard Brandon Knight. On the play, Knight had the misfortune of drawing World Peace on a box-out, and the two tussled for rebounding position. Shortly after, World Peace pulled Knight by the neck and appeared to give the much smaller Piston a quick jab to the chest, though due to the proximity of the players it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what transpired.

At the time, World Peace was assessed with a flagrant 1 foul following a lengthy video review, though the NBA’s disciplinary officials have apparently seen fit to take further action. The release clarifies that World Peace was suspended on the grounds of “… grabbing [Knight] around the neck and striking him in the jaw,” and that he will serve his one-game term during Tuesday night’s game against the Brooklyn. That complicates things for the playoff-hopeful Lakers, who will take on a solid Nets team without two of their top three players (Dwight Howard will also miss the game with persisting shoulder pain) in terms of minutes per game.

Video H/T: Eye on Basketball.


Ron Artest is a thug and always has been.  Last year he threw his elbow at James Harden's left ear.  With all his antics, this clown should get more than a one game suspension.  Jamison should be starting not World Peace.  Or is that piece as in a piece of s###t!


Mark V.1
Mark V.1

There is NO way Artest is one of the top-three players on a team that includes Kobe, Howard, Nash, and Gasol.  The fact that he is even fifth best says something about just how awful their depth is...