Posted February 21, 2013

Reports: Warriors trade Jeremy Tyler, Charles Jenkins to avoid luxury tax

Atlanta Hawks, Ben Golliver, Charles Jenkins, Golden State Warriors, Jeremy Tyler, NBA trade deadline, Philadelphia 76ers
Jeremy Tyler is headed to Atlanta. (Glenn James/Getty Images)

Jeremy Tyler is headed to Atlanta. (Glenn James/Getty Images)

By Ben Golliver

The Warriors have traded center Jeremy Tyler and guard Charles Jenkins to avoid paying the luxury tax, according to and USA Today Sports.

Golden State traded Tyler to the Hawks and Jenkins to the 76ers in exchange for draft considerations. Both players are 2011 second-round picks.

Tyler, 21, is averaging 1.1 points and 0.9 rebounds in 3.2 minutes in 20 games this season. A highly touted recruit out of high school, Tyler played professionally rather than attending college in the United States and has so far failed to live up to his prep-school hype. Tyler’s contract runs through 2013-14 but is only partially guaranteed for next season.

Jenkins, 23, is averaging 1.7 points in 6.2 minutes in 47 games. His contract ends after this season.

The NBA’s luxury tax line this season is $70.3 million. Before the trades, Golden State was at $71.1 million. Moving Tyler and Jenkins dropped its payroll to below the $70 million mark, which is key in avoiding future repeater penalties.

Given the circumstances and names involved, it’s likely that the picks sent to Golden State will be heavily protected.


tyler is a very young player with great growth potential. Jenkins, also, has great PG potential. Both guys need time and minutes.


 @dinohealth Pffft.  Tyler is all hype.  He has HUGE immaturity issues that caused him to be kicked off his Israeli team and wind up in Japan, a basketball backwater if ever there was one.


He's just not very good.  My guess is that he's a summer cut by the Hawks.  GS probably sent the cash along to cover the buyout when he's waived.