Posted March 14, 2013

Michael Jordan proves human in Gatorade ad outtakes

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan drinks Gatorade

Gatorade was just one of several brands that Michael Jordan endorsed. (Al Tielemans/SI)

By Ben Eagle

Michael Jordan may be the closest thing we’ll ever see to a perfect athlete. The deadliest scorer in NBA history, Jordan also prided himself on shutting down the opposing team’s best player. His limitless hops forever changed the game of basketball, and no one was ever better in the clutch than Jordan. (And this is to say nothing of his trophy case, which includes six titles, five MVPs, a Defensive Player of the Year award and an NCAA championship.)

Jordan also impressed off the court as the face of several brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola and Gatorade. Who can forgot Jordan’s effortless smile and grace in the “Be Like Mike” ads?

But it turns out that even the best have an off day. The video below surfaced a while ago, but never got enough attention. In it, Jordan labors over the tagline: “Gatorade: Is It In You?” How difficult can it be to say five words? Find out as you listen to His Airness struggle with every intonation possible.

(H/T to GotEmCoach)


Jordan can't speak, period. Have you ever noticed he does not speak in commercials? Have you seen the Hanes ads? Have you ever seen him interviewed? It is like listening to a caveman with a mouth full of marbles. I know that the media and several advertisers have a lot invested in him, hence the constant praise for a guy that stopped playing twenty years ago, but can we stop pretending this guy was anything more than a well trained circus performer?

Objectively Moderate
Objectively Moderate

I heard that Tom Hanks can't hit a jump shot over 15 feet. How pathetic is that?


brominated vegetable oil, a flame retardant in gatorade. is it in you?