Posted April 20, 2013

Video: Nuggets’ JaVale McGee dunks, blocks and goaltends against Warriors

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The JaVale McGee Show wasted little time making its mark in the 2013 postseason, as the Nuggets center produced a number of highlights in Game 1 of a Western Conference first-round playoff series against the Warriors.

What was his best highlight? Well, take your pick.

If you like traditional posters, McGee crushed a swooping dunk over Andrew Bogut. With the Warriors leading 48-39 with less than a minute remaining in the first half, McGee cut free across the paint, receiving a pass from Andre Iguodala and getting straight into the monster flush over the Warriors center, who wound up sprawled on the floor due to the force of the impact.

Are you more of a highlight block person? McGee had you covered there, too, coming from well outside the paint on the weakside to reject a David Lee dunk attempt just before halftime. Golden State’s All-Star forward thought he had a clean two-handed flush, only to have McGee meet him above the rim with a right-handed block. Take a look.

For those who prefer McGee’s unadulterated zaniness instead of useful plays, he didn’t disappoint there either. With just less than three minutes remaining in the first quarter, McGee snared a Carl Landry mid-range jumper out of the air with his right hand. The spectacular block was ruled a goaltend, however, much to the disappointment of McGee and Nuggets coach George Karl, who felt he had grabbed the ball before it entered its descent. Judge for yourself.

The Nuggets went on to win 97-95 thanks to a game-winning lay-up by Andre Miller. Denver now holds a 1-0 series lead over Golden State, who lost Lee to a hip injury during the fourth quarter.

Videos via YouTube users Max711Clips, MikeTye and VidsMix10


Yeah... great block. It showed him first hitting David Lee's hand before blocking the ball and then whacking him on the head after blocking the ball and finally full-body contact with Lee. It was a foul. Pretty straight forward call there.


Andre Miller scored 28 and all of it came from well below the rim.  McGee didn't block a single shot in the game, was 4th on his team in rebounding, was 6th on his team in scoring ....    A non-factor in game one.   And here you are ....doing a sell job on McGee by showing off his highlights of the game - like that was what the game was all about...

Like I've been saying all along:

David Stern = Vince McMahon


and now this: