Posted May 10, 2013

Video: Bulls’ Joakim Noah gets technical foul for shoving Heat’s Chris Andersen

2013 NBA playoffs, Ben Golliver, Chicago Bulls, Chris Andersen, Joakim Noah, Miami Heat

Bulls center Joakim Noah received a technical foul for shoving Heat center Chris “The Birdman” Andersen off of Nate Robinson during Game 3 of an Eastern Conference semifinals series.

Noah and Bulls forward Taj Gibson were ejected from a Game 2 loss by Scott Foster for disputing calls. Gibson was fined for verbally abusing an official during the ejection.

A few minutes later, Bulls center Nazr Mohammed was ejected for shoving LeBron James to the court.


Bulls are acting like punks this series - very disappointing considering this was previously a team I had respect for


First the Bulls whine all throughout Game 2 (and lose), and then they try to start fights all throughout Game 3 in an attempt to get Heat players ejected (and lose).  

I sympathize with their injury/illness woes in this post-season, but these tactics are no less pathetic for it.  Have some dignity in defeat, Bulls.