Posted May 23, 2013

Pacers’ Roy Hibbert says Heat’s Shane Battier guilty of intentional low blow

2013 NBA playoffs, Ben Golliver, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Roy Hibbert, Shane Battier
(Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

Shane Battier (center) delivered a knee to Roy Hibbert during Game 1. (Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

Pacers center Roy Hibbert said Thursday that he believes Heat forward Shane Battier intentionally delivered a low blow during Miami’s 103-102 Game 1 victory.

“[You] can knee or kick me every time [you] drive [to] the rim,” Hibbert wrote on his Twitter account. “I’ll be there [to] protect the rim. That wasn’t inadvertent. Battier knew what he was doing.”

The Eastern Conference finals got off to a painful start when Battier’s right knee hit Hibbert in the groin during the first quarter of Game 1 on Wednesday.

With the game tied at 18 and just under three minutes remaining in the first period, Battier attacked the paint from the left angle. Hibbert slid over from the weakside in an attempt to take a charge, and Battier rose directly into the 7-foot-2 center with his right knee extended. Hibbert’s attempt to block the shot never really materialized, as the blow to his groin doubled him over and sent him sprawling to the court.

Although it initially appeared as if Battier would be assessed a flagrant foul on the play, the referees opted for a standard personal foul.

Battier finished with three points (on zero-for-four shooting) and one rebound in 31 minutes.

Miami prevailed in overtime thanks to a LeBron James game-winner. Game 2 is set for Friday in Miami.

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Quit Whining you big Goofball! He was going for the basket on a drive! Whats he supposed to do? Ask your permission to score a layup? Wow, don't hear any Heat players complaining about all those cheap shots you and your teammates are dishing out! MAN UP DUDE! Your 7'2  250+ pounds and your complaining??


@goingaways Man up dude?!?!? Your LeQueen is 250 pounds and flops around the court like a little drag cloth.  Every time he gets touched he makes it seem like he got shot in the face by a bazooka... And the worst part is the NBA doesn't do crap about it and this "flopping" fines that for some reason don't apply to the Queen


You Miami apologists crack me up. Say what you will, it was a cheap shot and has no place in the Game.


You know of course that what you have posted is BLASPHEMY!!!! You have defiled the name of the King!!! KING LEBRON JAMES!!! May The Lord have mercy on your soul