Posted May 31, 2013

Heat’s Chris Andersen receives flagrant foul for blow to Pacers’ Tyler Hansbrough

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Will the Birdman have his wings clipped for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals?

Heat center Chris Andersen received a flagrant foul 1 for knocking Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough to the ground, a move that started an altercation between the two players during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday.

With a little more than nine minutes remaining in the second quarter and the Pacers leading 29-25, Andersen appeared to intentionally veer into Hansbrough’s path in the backcourt as Indiana pushed the ball up the court. A hard bump from Andersen’s right shoulder sent Hansbrough flying to the ground. When Hansbrough returned to his feet, Andersen walked over to confront him and the two players bumped their chests together. At that point, Andersen shoved Hansbrough with both arms in the chest, sending him backwards, before referees, coaches and teammates could intervene.  It’s possible that Andersen’s initial bump was a mistaken reaction to a light shove in the back from Paul George, who nudged Andersen from behind during the rebounding sequence before corralling the ball and taking off the other way.

Andersen received a flagrant foul 1 after a video review of the play by the officials. Double technical fouls were also assessed to Andersen and Hansbrough. Both players were allowed to remain in the game.

A flagrant foul 1 designation applies to fouls deemed “unnecessary” while a flagrant foul 2 applies to plays that are both “unnecessary and excessive.” All flagrant fouls are reviewed by the NBA league office and subject to the possibility of further discipline that could include a fine and/or suspension. Game 6 is set for Indiana on Saturday night.

After the game, which Miami won 90-79 to take a 3-2 series lead, Andersen did not make himself available to the media.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Hansbrough was unsure what prompted Andersen to start the altercation. reported that Hansbrough also wasn’t sure whether Andersen should be suspended for Game 6.

“I don’t know,” he said. “That’s for you guys to decide. In my eyes, it wasn’t a basketball play.”

Virtually everyone else associated with both teams pleaded ignorant about the exchange.

“I don’t really want to say anything about any calls or any officiating,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. “I didn’t see anything. [The referees] watched it on the tape, so I’m sure they made the right decision.”

Pacers forward Paul George and center Roy Hibbert both got in line behind their coach.

“I don’t know what really went on,” George said. “I just turned around, and it was confrontation. So I didn’t know what really happened during that play.”

Hibbert added: “I have to go back and watch the film. I know there was a little tussle or something like that. I just restrained Tyler. But I really didn’t see exactly what happened.”

Andersen finished with four points (on two-for-two shooting) and four rebounds in 18 minutes. His absence, should he be suspended, would be huge for Miami, as they are already over-matched in the interior against the big, bruising Pacers. The Heat’s big man rotation currently includes Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem and Andersen, with Shane Battier getting just eight minutes on Thursday night.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra did not address Andersen’s potential availability for Game 6 and, like Vogel, stated that he wanted to review the altercation before speaking about it at length.

“I didn’t see it, so I’m going to have to see the film on it,” Spoelstra said. “It’s a physical series.  But nobody wants to take it over the top.”

Meanwhile, Bulls center Nazr Mohammed received a flagrant foul 2 and was ejected from Game 3 of an Eastern Conference semifinals series for shoving Heat forward LeBron James to the court.

Shortly after Andersen was assessed a flagrant 1 and allowed to stay in the game, Mohammed posted a series of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” images on his verified Twitter account.

nazr-mohammed-tweetHeat guard Dwyane Wade avoided a suspension for delivering an elbow to Pacers guard Lance Stephenson during Game 2 that was upgraded to a flagrant foul 1 upon review by the league office.


If I'm Vogel and Anderson doesn't get ejected after that crap, I empty my bench and "eject" Anderson myself.

nature boy ric f.
nature boy ric f. 2 Like

Birdman taking a page out of D-Bag Wade's book of unprovoked assault on a Pacer player.  The officials were equally cowardly by not tossing garbage man Anderson.  I'd like to hear an explanation for the technical foul on Hansbrough.  


Garbage.  Bird man should have gotten ejected like Nazr.  Only difference is Tyler didn't fall down after the shove.  He actually exerted resistence to the shove (and got caught by Hibbert behind him), unlike Lebron when Nazr shoved him.  Same situation.  Different call.  Garbage.

Could have seriously changed the outcome of the game.

JasonMacBride 1 Like

No one on the Dolphins made a hit like that last season.

Nate the Pate
Nate the Pate

Hans boro should have started a fight - he's been playing like crab this entire series anyway.  Might as well take out Anderson and get double suspensions.  Only 2 games left so they'd both be out for the rest of the series.

Nate the Pate
Nate the Pate

Or get shoved by Anderson, run to Lebum and "retaliate" on him.  HAHA.

Nate the Pate
Nate the Pate 1 Like

Double technicals are total copouts for these WWE refs.  Hansbrough did nothing at all.  If NBA refs were judges, they'd put both the mugger and "muggee" in jail.


Hansbrough had the college career of most people's dreams. Then he made it to the NBA, and it turned out there are a whole lot better players out there. Perhaps one day he'll find his stride, but for now it seems the only way he can be effective is to play dirty.

In this 2013 postseason, I believe he has averaged 4 points per game, less than 4 rebounds... and his EFF score is like 4.30 last time I checked! So what do you do when you make it to the big time and realize you suck there? Play dirty!


Andersen thought Hansbrough knocked him from behind. Not standing up for Andersen. But Hansbrough is pretty much a dirty player. Think back to a few games ago when he lightly touched an off balance Wade, sending him to the floor. I am not a fan of either team, but this showdown has been a lot less bloody than their last playoff match-up. If anyone else besides Hansbrough had been involved with Andersen, i would have said Andersen was out of line. But Hansbrough has such a bad rep, I believe that's why they called a technical foul on him, too... Because at this point he DOESN'T deserve the benefit of the doubt. I don't care who wins this series, Spurs will likely take it this year... And it's probably the last year "this" Spurs team will make it to The Finals. I don;t know that they would even be there now if the Lakers has Kobe, and the Thunder has Westbrook this may have been a whole different NBA Finals.

swillyish 1 Like

@EduajrdoGustav Lol, given that Anderson has had a longer career of being a high energy dirty player that occasionally likes to do drugs and get busted, I think it's funny you would think Hansbrough should be the one to expect to get screwed by the refs because of his rep.


@swillyish I never said that I EXPECT Hansbrough to be THE ONE to get screwed by the Refs, as if to imply one was better than the other. I said at this point he DOESN'T deserve the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. If this event had occurred in reverse, I would have commented the other way around. Just for the record, Andersen WOULDN'T have deserved the benefit of the doubt if the issue had played out in reverse. My comment was in reference to an earlier comment in which the poster complained that Hansbrough had been called at for the technical. In the end, the NBA has gone nuts with officiating. I think teams should have the right to challenge these (often times) pathetic calls, similar to the NFL, where they challenge, and if the call holds, a T/O is charged.


@EduajrdoGustav @swillyish   As a fan of neither team as well, I guess I just don't know where you feel his rep is coming from.  I'm a west coast guy who saw a bunch of him in college and see a few games a year with him now so maybe I am missing it.  Overall I would not have placed him in the top 5 dirtiest players on the floor between those two teams let alone in the league.

Regardless, there is no doubt Hansbrough should not have been called for anything in this case.  All contact was initiated by Anderson and Hansbrough did a textbook proper non-reaction.  Per the rules it was VERY clear that Anderson should have been ejected immediately and Hansbrough should have been assessed nothing.  What is even worse is that the officials took several minutes to review the play on film before making the call.  What would the point be of having coaches challenges if there is no chance the official will call it right anyway?

Indybeck 1 Like

The technical foul called on Tyler Hansbrough after this occured is exactly why the NBA is garbage. 


Andersuck better be suspended


@ESPNBansMeEvery9Days "Andersuck." Wow. Did you come up with that one all by yourself? Working on that one a few days in your mom's basement? Did you try it out on your 12-year old friends to see if they thought it worked? Someone get this kid a Pulitzer. In fact, we should just burn down all of the world's libraries and let this dude rewrite all of our literature. 

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Stay classless Miami

KennardPleasant 1 Like

All day, he should've knocked him out. Good win Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blazer_Duck 1 Like

Gotta love it when the NBA decides to not enforce the rules fairly for one team. Any other team and Birdman would've been suspended. But no, they have to give Miami every possible chance to win the series. It's why I hate the NBA. It's such a joke its sad.

BrandonNandlal 2 Like

All hail the monster, the beast, Chris Andersen!