Posted August 21, 2013

Video: Brandon Jennings gets slapped by former NBA player Mike Taylor at Drew League

Brandon Jennings, Drew League, Rob Mahoney

[The altercation occurs at the 0:51 second mark in the clip above.]

Unofficial summer league play is chock full of showmanship, and tempers can flare a bit as a result of high-level, highly confident athletes trying to upstage one another. Such was the case Monday when former NBA player Mike Taylor — who last played for the Clippers in 2009 — taunted the Pistons’ Brandon Jennings after a made basket in a Drew League game. It was a quick face-off that was broken up before anything could escalate, but Taylor swung at Jennings and slapped him in the face before the two were separated.

Taylor was ejected, while Jennings — to his credit, I suppose — didn’t really pursue the point.