Posted September 27, 2013

Derrick Rose will have ‘no hard limit’ on playing time, but Bulls remain cautious

Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, Rob Mahoney, Tom Thibodeau

Rose, for his part, left any decision regarding his playing time in the hands of head coach Tom Thibodeau:

Forman, too, entrusts Thibodeau to gauge Rose’s progress and play him accordingly:

But Thibodeau, wisely, didn’t claim anything definite in regard to how much Rose might play. There would really nothing to gain by him doing so, particularly after a season in which every shaky rumor of Rose’s progress and return only seemed to further agitate those fans left waiting. What was merely a player looking out for his own best interests was twisted into something else entirely, as growing impatience led to baffling criticism of Rose and his character. Thibodeau brushed off those cynics on Friday, though did so while refusing to commit to any particular course of action with regard to Rose’s playing time:

Per Johnson, Thibodeau also acknowledge that the Bulls “[aren't] sure where Rose is,” in terms of his ability to weather heavy minutes, and won’t until he has a chance to play actual games. Such is the unfortunate truth of long-term injury; try as professional athletes might to replicate in-game action through drills and scrimmages when on the mend, there’s just no way to authentically recreate the rigors of gameplay. All of which leaves things a bit less certain than Rose, the Bulls, and Chicago fans might like, though unavoidably so given the length of Rose’s absence.

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In 2011 Drose did not deserve MVP because according to advance player statistics PER he was far behind many players. Media haters gave to anyone but Lebron. This PER number is the best tool to measure MVP performance. When Some media say  he in 2013-2014 will have an MVP season they are respecting other better players

1LeBron James, MIA 27.34

2Dwight Howard, ORL 26.13

3Dwyane Wade, MIA 25.65

4Kevin Love, MIN 24.39

5Kobe Bryant, LAL 23.94

6Chris Paul, NO2 3.76

7Kevin Durant, OKC 23.70

8Russell Westbrook, OKC 23.63

9Derrick Rose, CHI 23.62

10Dirk Nowitzki, DAL 23.52


"This guy has to suck it up and just play".

-Andrew Bynum


The DRose supporters STILL do not understand that he was MEDICALLY CLEARED to play at the end of last season. Anyone who is still saying things like "people don't understand the extent of this injury blah blah blah " STILL doesn't get it. He was and still is MEDICALLY CLEARED to play. 


Bulls fan 1-"Did you heal Luol Deng is near death with infection?"

Bulls fan 2-"So what are you saying, he is questionable for game 7?"


But he will always be a coward to me. Luol Deng comes to play and he is near death and Rose could not play when his team needed him most. Please....