Posted October 09, 2013

Omer Asik, Danny Granger headline prime trade targets for the 2013-14 season

Danny Granger, Omer Asik, Rob Mahoney, Thaddeus Young
Kendrick Perkins

Can the Thunder move Kendrick Perkins and his $9 million per year contract? (Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Longer shots

While the above players have a decent chance to be moved at some point this season, it’s also worth noting those trade candidates of more remote probability. Below are those players who might be discussed or rumored for a potential trade, but are more unlikely to be dealt for a variety of reasons.

Greg Monroe or Josh Smith, Detroit Pistons — It seems unlikely that the Pistons would give up on their supersized frontcourt so quickly, but the determination could be made in the next few seasons that either Monroe or Smith should be shopped to better stretch the team’s room under the cap.

Carlos Boozer, Chicago Bulls — Boozer will continue to get a ton of play in the trade machine, but his contract is so hefty (he’s still owed $32.1 million over two seasons) that it’s difficult to piece together a sensible deal.

Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder — The thought of the Thunder with a more functional starting center is dizzying, but Perkins will likely be saved by the fact that 1) he’s a tough sell at roughly $9 million a season, and 2) his presence on the floor isn’t as universally detrimental as is widely believed.

Evan Turner, Philadelphia 76ers — This could very well be Turner’s last season as a 76er, but it’s difficult to parse the market for so strange a player. Turner, 24, is a fine passer and rebounder, capable of initiating offense in spots and scoring a bit off the dribble. But he’s not a good enough shooter to play off the ball consistently or an effective enough playmaker to control it. Some teams might still value what the former No. 2 pick brings, but he’s difficult to market as a potential trade candidate.

Andre Miller, Denver Nuggets — Between George Karl’s firing, Nate Robinson’s signing and the more general youth movement in Denver, nothing much seems to be going Miller’s way.

David Lee, Golden State Warriors — Lee is a possible candidate for the Danny Granger treatment after being absent while his team climbed to new heights in the 2013 playoffs. That said, shipping out Lee might require a more-or-less full-time commitment to small ball, a leap in approach I wouldn’t expect coach Mark Jackson to make.

Glen Davis, Orlando Magic – If so inclined, Orlando GM Rob Hennigan could find a market for Davis (provided Big Baby is healthy after two foot surgeries) because enough teams need a quality reserve big man.

Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers — Upgrades on the wing and a glaring need for a rotation-caliber big put the Clippers in an interesting position, with Crawford as a potentially intriguing trade piece. Losing Crawford (on top of trading away Eric Bledsoe) would certainly strain L.A.’s ability to stretch its offensive efficiency to the second unit, but that could be an acceptable price if a solid, versatile big could potentially be acquired.

Goran Dragic, Phoenix Suns — This would be a rather quick punt on the Suns’ new backcourt, but the arrival of Eric Bledsoe at least opens up the possibility that the 27-year-old Dragic could be dealt.

DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors — Toronto’s project starting lineup worked rather well in limited minutes last season, but the pairing of DeRozan and Rudy Gay — two wings with similarly scoring-centric games — would seem to be a possible point of redundancy. If that turns out to be the case, either could theoretically be floated in potential deals, with DeRozan’s contract being the more plausibly tradeable.

Jason Richardson, Philadelphia 76ers – Prime trade fodder, if only he weren’t 32 years old and coming off a major knee surgery.

Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics — Boston seems content to rebuild around Rondo for the time being, but even he isn’t beyond trading with the Celtics looking for foundational pieces. If the right deal came along, I suspect Celtics GM Danny Ainge — who seems more open to trade possibilities than most — could be convinced.

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As a Bulls fan, I'd be glad to see Deng go. Deng has slow feet and  never progressed.



Discipline is in order...


I can see DDR being traded, but I can see the Raps trying to trade Gay first


Please SAC Deal for Thaddeus Young with his Great Defensive Play next to D-MAC it's a Natural Fit, Dump JIMMER, PATTERSON & another Guard like Thorton or even ISIAH THOMAS if u have to. He'd be a Key Piece in turning around the Squad Fully & allow u to get rid of some...less Talented Players. Also RAY MCCOLLUM WAS DRAFTED IN THE #2 RD & looks like a Future Solid Starter for SAC.