Posted October 10, 2013

Young Cavs fan to Kyrie Irving: ‘Are you going to leave us like LeBron left us?’

Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving
LeBron James; Kyrie Irving

Will Kyrie Irving (right) be the next superstar to leave the Cavaliers? He says no. (Issac Baldizon/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving was put on the spot to make his Decision.

In an interview reportedly from several years ago, a young Cavaliers fan is seen asking Kyrie Irving if he is going to leave Cleveland like the team’s last superstar, LeBron James, did in 2010.

You can watch the interview below to see the awkward exchange yourself, but (spoiler alert!) Irving didn’t disappoint a room full of children to their young, adorable faces.

(H/T USA Today’s For The Win blog)


Cleveland fans are all this way - taking everything too personally lol