Posted November 06, 2013

DeMarcus Cousins upset after ‘cheap shot’ low blow from Dennis Schröder

Atlanta Hawks, Ben Golliver, DeMarcus Cousins, Dennis Schroder, Sacramento Kings

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins was understandably upset after taking a shot below the belt from Hawks rookie guard Dennis Schröder during Atlanta’s 105-100 win on Tuesday.

But the physical pain wasn’t Cousins’ only beef, as he took issue with how the officials handled the situation and its aftermath, suggesting that he is being singled out by the referees based on his past behavior. reports Cousins’ post-game version of events.

“I took a cheap shot to my lower area,” Cousins told reporters from his locker after the game. “They (the refs) just blew it off. I guess because it was me. But as soon as something happens on the other end, because it’s me, they run to the camera.”

Early in the fourth quarter, Cousins set a high screen for Kings guard Isaiah Thomas, and Schröder attempted to fight through over the top. Schröder, the No. 17 pick in the 2013 draft, contacted Cousins’ chest with his right hand while slipping his left hand between Cousins’ legs. Cousins immediately doubled over and appeared to seek the referees’ attention.

Soon after, Cousins was assessed a flagrant foul for shoving Al Horford to the floor as the two stood in the paint, although it appeared the Hawks’ center enhanced the degree of contact by letting his body go and spinning himself to the ground. The flagrant foul was later (correctly) downgraded to a personal foul, but Kings coach Michael Malone would pull Cousins from the game with six minutes left and he did not return.

Here’s a look at that sequence via SB Nation.

DeMarcus Cousins shoves Al Horford to the floor. (SB Nation)

It’s worth noting that Horford and Paul Millsap combined for 52 points and 21 rebounds against the Kings, while Cousins finished with 11 points and six rebounds in his second straight rough outing (he had eight points and seven rebounds in a Saturday loss to the Warriors).

Of course, Cousins has been on the giving end of a low-blow scenario. Last December, Cousins was suspended for one game after he delivered a low blow to then-Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo. At the time, he claimed that he was swinging his hand to clear Mayo’s hand away from him and that the low blow wasn’t intentional.

There’s only so many times the same mantra can be repeated again and again: Cousins needs to be better. As is often the case, there’s a legitimate, indisputable cause for his frustration; Schröder’s play was out of line and it deserves discipline from the league, and Horford probably earned himself a flop warning. But Cousins’ reaction — the shove, his inability to keep his composure and be a leader down the stretch down the stretch, his continued “me against the world” crusade against the referees — is misguided and detrimental on all counts.

Earlier this month, Cousins said playing for former owners the Maloofs “felt like an AAU team” and that the criticism the team received for its uncertain future was justified. Well, go ahead, take out the mirror. This was a middle school reaction from Cousins through and through, and the criticism that he receives for being unable to control his emotions during games will continue to be justified.

Video via theretireddroneal on Instagram


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Cousins two I.Q. points are what is keeping this man-child from reaching his potential. Sadly, Cousins will never grow up. 

Tell The Truth
Tell The Truth

Before this season Cousins was a head case.

Now he is a head case with $62 million .

Another loss and the Great Jimmer Fredette is no where to be seen.

Good job coach :) 

Fredette has been ABUSED by this poor excuse of an "organistion" known as the the Sacdemento Kings.
For the past 2 years the utterly Incompetent "smart" would bench the kid everytime he got hot. This year coach Malone LIED to Fredette by saying that all spots are "up for grabs"-- Fredette was given about half the court time of the other guards but still scorched the net with %51 shooting from the floor and %60 from the field. Malone insulted this great player and great kid by scoffing at the idea of him playing the only position he has ever played ..point guard..Only to have his foot in his big mouth after Fredette scorched the Suns for 23 points and 5 assists on the ball and off the ball. These incompetent, know nothing, DUMBAS#S in Sacdemento including Ranadive, Malone and the hapless GM D'aleesandro are the blind leading the blind. They gave $62 mil to the number 1 headcase in the NBA to "build the team on" while Fredett who IS THE BEST ALL AROUND PLAER on the Kings continues to get abused..

Fredette is the stone cold goods with a complete offensive arsenal.
Just check out his youtube videos tearing up NBA defenders..
He will become a big star in this league like Steve Nash did after being ignored for 3 seasons...

mikel roy
mikel roy

hahaha... now you got no balls... bwhahahaha....


@Tell The Truth JImmer can be a Steve Kerr-like player. He will never be a star. He can add much to the right team.