Posted November 09, 2013

Video: Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving hits last-second lay-up to beat Sixers in double OT

Ben Golliver, Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, Philadelphia 76ers

Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving hit a last-second, game-winning lay-up to beat the Sixers 127-125 in double overtime on Saturday night.

With less than 10 seconds remaining in the game, Irving brought the ball up the court against Michael Carter-Williams. Philadelphia ran a double team at him near halfcourt, and Irving crossed over to his left to avoid it. Using a hesitation move to turn the corner on Carter-Williams, Irving entered the paint from the left angle, surrounded by four Philadelphia defenders.

Irving elevated with less than three seconds on the clock, hanging momentarily before kissing in a double-clutch left-handed lay-up off the backboard with 0.6 seconds remaining. Philadelphia was unable to score on its ensuing possession.

The game-winner capped a monster evening for Irving, who finished with a game-high 39 points (on 15-for-33 shooting), 12 assists and five rebounds in 48 minutes. Dion Waiters added 24 points (on 9-for-19 shooting) for the Cavaliers.

Evan Turner scored a team-high 31 points (on 9-for-23 shooting) and added 10 rebounds. Carter-Williams finished with 21 points (on 9-for-23 shooting), 13 assists, seven rebounds, two steals and two blocks for Philadelphia in the loss.

Cleveland improved to 3-4 with the win; Philadelphia dropped to 4-3 with the loss.

Video via YouTube user sky2847


Irving is shooting 39%. That isn't very good for a player that a team depends on for his scoring.

Same percentage as Waiters.

Bennett is shooting a dismal 048%. This from a top draft pick?

Verajao is shooting 52%. And  Miles is hitting 50%. Even Thompson and Gee are shooting better than out two best players. This offense is going to keep this team from going anywhere this season.

Even the defense sucks.


Brother Kyrie's one-game miracle does nothing to dismiss the facts that his backcourt mate, Dion Waiters, has only hit at least half of his shots in one game this season.

And the Cavs' top draft pick this year, Tony Bennett, bricked another shot from the floor. Mason Bennett has now bricked 20 of 21 field goal heaves in his career.

Not to mention the fact Andy Bynum is pouting more than Da Alleged Rapist about not feeling the love in Cleveland or Philly.


@OK And yet Kyrie's hit less than half of his shots for the game, too.  How many guards shoot 50 percent or more for the season?  Whine, whine, whine.  You sound like you'd gripe about winning the lottery. 




Waiters has hit half of his shots in ONE out of SEVEN games. Brother Kyrie's just as bad - hit his half of his shots in ONE out of SEVEN games.

Even more pathetic, both Waiters and Brother Kyrie have failed to make at least 37 percent of  their shots in THREE out of SEVEN games.

We're not talking about an off night or two here, son. We're talking about mindless gunners who are ruining their team's chance to win because they're thinking more about their own spots on SportsCenter than about winning the damn game!

Return to your Crips 'n Bloods World. Leave common sense to the adults.