Posted November 14, 2013

Video: Thunder’s Serge Ibaka, Clippers’ Matt Barnes ejected after altercation

Ben Golliver, Los Angeles Clippers, Matt Barnes, Oklahoma City Thunder, Serge Ibaka

Thunder forward Serge Ibaka and Clippers forward Matt Barnes were both ejected for their roles in an altercation during L.A’s 111-103 victory at the Staples Center on Wednesday.

With just seconds remaining before halftime and the Thunder leading 58-52, Ibaka and Clippers forward Blake Griffin became entangled in the paint. Ibaka’s right arm got stuck between Griffin’s body and his arm, and Ibaka swung Griffin forward to free himself. Griffin charged back in retaliation but Barnes had beaten him too it by shoving Ibaka with both arms in the chest. Ibaka staggered back and then cocked his arm, as if to throw a bunch, before players from both teams and the referees intervened.

Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes were ejected as a result of this skirmish. (Stephen Dunn/ Getty Images Sport)

Serge Ibaka and Matt Barnes were ejected as a result of this skirmish. (Stephen Dunn/
Getty Images Sport)

Ibaka and Barnes were both immediately ejected. Griffin received a technical foul and was allowed to continue playing.

The NBA league office will surely look at the exchange to decide whether further punishment — be it fines or suspensions — is warranted.

Ibaka was fined by the NBA for a flagrant low blow to Griffin back in March.

Griffin finished with a team-high 22 points (on 8-for-14 shooting), 12 rebounds, seven assists and three steals in 38 minutes. Jamal Crawford added 20 points (on 7-for-13 shooting) off the bench.

Kevin Durant led the Thunder with a game-high 33 points (on 8-for-18 shooting) in the losing effort. Russell Westbrook added 19 points (on 7-for-18 shooting) and 10 assists.

The Clippers improved to 6-3 with the win; the Thunder dropped to 5-2 with the loss.

Video via YouTuber user NBA Highlights


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These hypocrite cowards are the typical norm for ESPN and the entire broadcast world today.


Is Matt Barnes a racist?


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