Posted November 16, 2013

Kings fans smash Guinness World Record for ‘loudest crowd roar’ at 126 decibels

Ben Golliver, Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, Sleep Train Arena

The Kings may not be tearing up the league this season, but their fans just smashed the Guinness World Record for crowd noise during a Friday night game against the Pistons at Sleep Train Arena.

During a first-quarter stoppage in play, a sellout crowd of 17,317 Kings fans roared at 124.9 decibels, destroying the Guinness World Record for “Loudest Crowd Road at an Indoor Sports Stadium.” Then, during a second-half stoppage of play, Kings fans broke their own mark, roaring at 126 decibels to set a new record.

The previous record was set by Bucks fans, who roared at 106.6 decibels at the Bradley Center on Dec. 20, 2008. That one was just sitting there waiting to be broken.

An official from Guinness World Records was on hand to observe and verify the record, and present the organization with a certificate. Sacramento Kings fans recently took to Twitter to raise ground support for breaking the world record for indoor crowd noise when the team hosts the Detroit Pistons on November 15.

Here are a few points of reference for comparison purposes via

120dB Front row at a rock concert
125dB Drums, at the moment of striking
130dB Typical professional DJ system
127dB Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) begins. Permanent hearing loss
128dB Loudest human scream
130dB Marching band of 200 members
132dB Eardrum vibration noticeable
133dB Gunshot
135dB “Very loud” street car stereo. Bass only
140dB Threshold of pain, all frequencies

The loudest outdoor crowd noise was 137.5 decibels, set by the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs back in October.

Kings fans worked diligently to stave off a relocation bid from Seattle, organizing “Here We Stay” rallies and “Here We Buy” nights to show their support for a local ownership solution championed by Mayor Kevin Johnson. Eventually, TIBCO founder Vivek Ranadive purchased the Kings from the Maloofs.


Yes ! it was awesome.  106 dB! There's a "HERE WE ROAR" t shirt available that commemorates the event on TARNATION! Sports website already.