Posted December 06, 2013

Hawks’ Kyle Korver lines up attempt at NBA’s all-time three-pointer streak

Atlanta Hawks, Dana Barros, Kyle Korver, Rob Mahoney
Kyle Korver has made at least one three-pointer in 89 consecutive regular season games. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Kyle Korver has made at least one three-pointer in 89 consecutive regular season games. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

A game as rich and diverse as basketball has records for every occasion — benchmarks of volume, efficiency, consistency, and misery. They’re split to measure streaks and debuts, situational factors and positional qualifiers. There is very much a stat for every occasion, and on this particular one Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver will have a chance to secure his own tailored piece of basketball history.

For a few weeks now, Korver has been closing in on a relatively unknown bit of basketball bookkeeping: Dana Barros’ record of consecutive regular-season games with a made three-pointer. Back in January of 1996, Barros capped off an impressive run of 89 straight games with a made three, obliterating the previous record and setting a lofty standard. No other shooter had come particularly close since. Peja Stojakovic came closest with 62. Rashard Lewis topped out at 56. Stephen Curry seemed to be making a run last season, but wound up with only 53 consecutive games. Ray Allen, who owns the record of all-time three-pointers made, couldn’t stretch his personal streak beyond 47. Most other skilled shooters managed 30 games or so before dropping out.

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But on Wednesday, Korver managed to pull off* what no shooter since Barros could, tying the 89-game mark with a 6-of-9 three-point shooting explosion against the Clippers. On Friday, he’ll have a chance to break the record at the expense of the Cavs — a team that ranks 21st in the league in three-point percentage allowed. Korver averaged 3.3 threes made in three games against Cleveland last season, and should have ample opportunity to gun for the record as its become a talking point with the Hawks of late.

It also doesn’t hurt that Korver’s three-point shot chart for the season looks like this:


There are shooters who need be stationed on the left side of the floor or the right, used as a standstill option or put on the move, parked in the corner or set up at the top of the floor. Korver is not one of them. He is a shooter for all seasons, and the chart of his streak-relevant three-point shooting from last year is just as evergreen:

korver 2012-13

For those counting at home, that puts Korver at lights-out, 46.8-percent three-point shooting since his streak began. During that time, only three players (Curry, Klay Thompson, and Ryan Anderson) made more three-pointers than Korver. It’s to the point where one more three — to set a new record, however arbitrary — would be substandard for Korver, representing roughly a third of his typical per-game output this season. None of this makes Korver a lock to best Barros with a made three Friday tonight, but it seems about as likely as such streaking pursuits come.

*It need be noted that this is strictly a regular-season streak. Were playoff games counted, Korver’s streak would have ended with his 0-for-7 showing from beyond the arc in Game 6 of the Hawks’ first-round series against the Pacers last season.


A truly great shooter overall.  He's currently in 35th place ALL Time on the NBA's list of true shooting percentage leaders.  This stats takes into account 2 pt shots, 3 pt shots and free throws.

Being in 35th place right now out of all the men who have ever played in the NBA is quite an accomplishment.

Being able to score efficiently is a great skill to offer a basketball team.

The game is only so long and a team only gets so many field goal attempts each game (around 81 to 82 field goal attempts per game).

Those who are inefficient or are volume scorers who only score a lot because they shoot a lot take way too many of their teams FG attempts.


Like, say, Josh Smith? I'm glad he's not an Atlanta Hawks anymore. Too many shots and most don't go in.