Posted December 11, 2013

DeAndre Jordan misses alley-oop dunk, wedges ball between backboard and rim

Ben Golliver, Boston Celtics, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers

DeAndre Jordan managed to miss an alley-oop slam dunk attempt by wedging the ball between the backboard and the rim during the Clippers’ Wednesday night against the Celtics in Boston.

With Boston leading 19-16 and a little more than two minutes remaining in the first quarter, Chris Paul cut through the paint and lofted a lob to Jordan, who carved out space behind Vitor Faverani. The pass was on the mark and Jordan caught the ball cleanly, but his one-handed spike was just a bit lacking in extension. Rather than ricochet out to center court or fly high in the air, as we’ve seen happen before when things go wrong during Jordan dunk attempts, the ball simply came to am immediate stop, requiring a jump ball.

Local television sports anchors across the country are now pacing through their respective studios asking everyone they come across: “Which is better, alley-OOPS or alley-oopsie?”

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If anyone gets a pass on a failed alley-oop dunk it’s the “Lob City” Clippers, who led the NBA in alley-oops in both 2011-12 and 2012-13, according to Nobody bats a thousand.

This has been a folly-filled week for Jordan, who had the “Los Angeles” ripped off of the front of his jersey by Sixers guard Tony Wroten on Monday.

Video via YouTube user Maxa711Clips


this is the knucklehead that everyone got all excited about when he dunked over a guy who was close to a 1/2 foot shorter and 100 lbs lighter than he was.

"Yeah! It's going to be lob city!"

wake me up when they do something meaningful in the post-season.