Posted December 19, 2013

Charles Barkley: Lakers should shut down Kobe Bryant for the season after knee injury

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Charles Barkley argued that Kobe Bryant’s knee injury should end his season, that it will limit the type of player he will be once he comes back, and that it just might dash the Lakers’ dreams of attracting LeBron James as a free agent next summer.

The TNT commentator and Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer offered that serious of pessimistic proclamations on Thursday in response to the news that the 35-year-old Bryant will be sidelined for six weeks after suffering a fractured lateral tibial plateau in his left knee.

“Kobe Bryant shouldn’t play any more this year,” Barkley said. “They should shut him down. … With or without him, the Lakers suck either way. It’s not like they’re world-beaters. When he comes back in six weeks, they’ll be even more out of it. If they’re smart [they should shut him down]. They’re giving the guy $50 million for the next couple of years. Best-case scenario, they’re an eighth seed.”

Jenkins: With Kobe sidelined, Lakers can focus on rebuild

The Lakers are 12-13 on the season and have been hit with a rash of injuries to Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar. L.A. currently sits in the West’s 11th spot, 2.5 games out of the playoff picture. Back in November, Bryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension that ensured he will be the league’s highest-paid player through the 2015-16 season. He had made just six appearances since returning from an Achilles tear that ended his 2012-13 season before he suffered the non-contact knee injury against the Grizzlies on Tuesday. Bryant’s current recovery timeline puts his return date in late-January, more than two weeks before the All-Star break.

Mahoney: Knee injury changes everything for Lakers, Bryant

Bryant has played 45,567 minutes over 1,245 regular season games and an additional 8,641 minutes over 220 playoff games during his 18-year career. Those miles, Bryant’s age and his recent injuries spell the end of Bryant’s reign as a dominant player, Barkley argued to TNT’s Ernie Johnson.

“Kobe Bryant is never going to be the same again,” Barkley said. “Kobe Bryant has probably played 23 or 24 seasons, if you add up playoff games. There’s no way you can blow out your Achilles — this notion that he’s going to come back and be this great, great player, that’s asinine, Ernie. He can be a good, solid player. You can forget, ‘This guy has the will power.’ Age ain’t got nothing to do with will power. … What’s that little green snake’s name? He’s a little [garter] snake right now. I love you, Kobe. He’s not going to be no damn mamba. He can’t strike at you from a distance any more. He’s going to have to crawl over to bite you.”

Surely aware that such talk would be coming his way, Bryant struck a preemptive blow against the skeptics on Thursday, prior to Barkley’s comments.

“Only an idiot would [doubt me],” Bryant told Yahoo Sports.

After the Lakers and Bryant agreed to the lucrative extension, both sides stressed the fact that L.A. still had sufficient cap room to sign a max-level free agent during the July 2014 free agent period. Next summer’s crop could include the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. L.A. has been linked to interest in both James and Anthony in ongoing rumors and speculation.

James posted a show of support for Bryant on Twitter on Thursday.

“Yo Kobe Bryant, Mamba get well soon homie!” James wrote.

Informed of James’ message, Barkley joked: “That’s subliminal messages. ‘There’s no chance I’m going to L.A. next year.’ That’s what that really means.”


Kobe finished a game after his broken nose which wade gave him and sunk in a free throw with a disintegrated Achilles.  Nobody had the toughness of Kobe except M.J & A.I.  So he cheated on a girl being the richest, youngest and most sought after male in America.  Yeah.  He didn't get a chance to test his fame, imagine all you males this: the hottest of the hottest girls throwing themselves at you night in and night out for decades.  

Not even hot girls get pursued as much as these athletes, man I am happy I am just some dude who happened to get bored and sad, read the bible asking for the living water and to see Gods face, not quitting for forty days all out bootcamp style.  God came to me folks, face to face.  First in dreams, then, well, the fabric of spacetime was opened and I was shown the other side and the Lord coming right at me, feeling heavens bliss which still eminates in me with power.  

You think I am lying?  Boy you ought to be praying for the living water until the Lord shows his face as he said he would in John 14:21.

I gave God 40 days of no internet, tv, media or sin while reading 200 pages, thats only how long the new testament is.  Day 33 He came.   I feel heaven now, I see it sometimes too in dreams, Jesus a lot of times has come to me, you have no idea but this is the hidden message.

Alone in your room, ask for the living water and ask for heaven.  Father let your kingdom come!  That means you are asking for it, mean it!  Before you go to be you ask and hope for visions too when you sleep, focus!  Within a few weeks if you stick to this your life will change forever.  Stop going to the wannabe church you will not find God there.

You can go to the bank, there's a lot of money there, you can go all day there but you ain't getting rich till you work hard!

Same with God.  WORK HARD to enter the narrow Gate said Jesus.  Not all who say Lord Lord will enter the kingdom.  HOPE for the Spirit of Christ to enter you, if anyone hasn't received the Spirit of Christ -- they don't belong to God yet. (Romans 8:9)

JESUS is power and His Spirit is the Living Water, the mind of Christ.  Seek and you will find, ask and receive, persistently!  (Luke 11:8 + 18:3)

Love you all.


Barkley and Shaq were both outdone by Kobe in the Careers, bunch of ego's these guys should give way to Kobe, 81 points in a game, now sit down and shut up.  Wilt did it because most the time he was a condo amongst shacks (no pun).  Jump and dunk.  Their game was more crude, unrefined.  Why?  You can only be as good as your competition.   The competition is incredible now where as before, average.  But its not fair to the old timers, we should clone them all and create the clone league.  That'd be a great idea!

All the money goes to charity?


My Top Five players:

1. Jordan

2. Magic

3. Kobe

4. Bird

5. Shaq

6. Lebron

7. Allen Iverson

Jabbar, The Big O, Wilt and Russel where dunking 90 percent of the time on butthugging shorts wearing white boys.  The league is different now, the defense, the competition, the bodies are bigger due to better nutrients/muscle mass/technology & science making buffer, faster, taller players in a league that cares about one color:  talent.  

No more racism and the fact that ballers make ridiculous salaries has everyone balling when they're young, that ain't the way it used to be.  Magic and Bird took the NBA to the next level, Jordan took the torch, Kobe & Shaq resurrected showtime and Lebron, well.... time will tell but I see the genetic love baby of Air Jordan & Dominique in Lebron, with 2 titles already.  Why Iverson?  Well, pound for that, ain't nobody as fun to watch in his promise that A.I.once I wear out the Jordan reels, nobody.  The best little man ever to play the game. 

But its very possible that L.J. will dethrone them all before he is wrapped up if he stays healthy and thanks Jesus a bit more.



Barkley should be embarrassed by his asinine comments, shedding light on who he is... The dude is clearly a Mamba Hater and obviously jealous of the persona Bryant commands.

...Barkley has always made himself come off stupid, as STUPID is... And clearly the other commentators push his buttons, LTFAO @ him... With or without Chucks, Barkley sucks either way!


Shaq sure laughed heartily at every one of Chuck's digs on Kobe.
Excuse me Mr. Bryant. Please review the flavor of my posterior.


"I think one of the worst things that ever happened to Adrian Peterson, who I love and respect as a player..."

True, Chuck. Of course, at least a handful-plus of other women loved Adrian Peterson, too. So much so that Mr. Peterson now has at least six offspring waddling around the United States. Mr. Peterson had seven offspring, but one of them, a son, was murdered this year. Not, it should be noted, allegedly by Mr. Peterson or by the NFL's other Poster Boy, Aaron Hernandez.


"You know why he didn't look the same to me: cuz he was passing the ball."

Truer words have never been spoken, Chuck.


"(Da Queen), by the way, has tweeted about the, about the Kobe situation," Ernie said.

Chuck's response: "That subliminal message is, 'there's no change I'm goin' to LA next year.' That's what that really means."



Chuck's Top 5 All-Time NBA Players

(Never going to change, per Chuck)

1. Jordan

2. The Big O

3. Wilt Chamberlain

4. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar

5. Bill Russell

Chuck said Da Alleged Rapist, Da Queen, Jerry West, Tim Duncan, and Elgin Baylor make up the next five.

Agree on the Top 5, but not the order.

1. Russell - 11 rings in 13 years

2. Jordan

3. Abdul-Jabaar

4. Chamberlain

5. The Big O

Next five: Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Magic, Da Alleged Rapist, and Da Queen.


"There is no way humanly possible. (Da Alleged Rapist) is never going to be the same again."

True, Chuck, but Da Alleged Rapist got his $48 million two-year extension. Da Alleged Rapist has buried the franchise in Salary Cap Hell. Da Alleged Rapist got what he wanted, like always. Money, for himself. At the expense of the organization.


 What’s that little green snake’s name? He’s a little [garter] snake right now. I love you, Kobe. He’s not going to be no damn mamba. He can’t strike at you from a distance any more. He’s going to have to crawl over to bite you.” That's absolutely brilliant.


The lakers will be all right. They have lots of money.   And honestly, the NBA doesn't need a strong lakers team anymore.  The entertainment; we get enough from Miami, Indiana, Portland, the Warriors, Clippers, Thunder, etc... I mean, people outside of LA only tune in to the Lakers when its Kobe related.  Its like people slowing down to watch a car accident...

Good luck to LA, but really, whatever happens there, the Lakers  play no significant role in the current NBA landscape anymore.

Rehab Kobe or shut him down, its a discussion not worth the effort.  Let's just let it play out, windows rolled up, foot slowly pressing the gas pedal, as our teams speed away...

Charlie P
Charlie P

Chuck may be crazy sometimes, but he is spot-on this time.  Lakers are NOT a good team this year, with or without Kobe.  They don't know how to play defense, or D'Antoni won't let them, whatever the case may be.  They best course of action may be to miss the playoffs, hope for a good lottery pick and try to sign one of the premier free agents (Melo is probably still the most likely target), in order to come back strong for the final two years of Kobe's career.