Posted December 30, 2013

The NBA’s best viral videos of 2013

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The Point Forward's best videos of 2013

Nick Young, DeAndre Jordan and Tiago Splitter all had memorable moments in 2013. (Getty Images)

With 2013 coming to a close, The Point Forward decided to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at its favorite videos from the past year. Below you’ll find some of the NBA’s most memorable viral videos that have graced this space over the past 12 months, including soda spills, buzzer beaters, accidental head shots and more. If you’re looking for just dunks, click here. If you want a little bit of everything, scroll down and enjoy the best must-see videos of the year that was.

10. Joey Crawford came “this close” to throwing out a 76ers mop boy. That would be a pretty crazy sentence if it started with any name other than “Joey Crawford.”


9. Jason Kidd intentionally spills soda so Nets can draw up playDesperate times call for desperate measures. If Joey Crawford had been calling this game he would have ejected Kidd, the mop boy and both their mothers.

8. Nick Young bricking a crazy 360 layup that he had no business attemptingToo. Much. Swag.

7. Hawks fan’s half-court heave rests perfectly on the rimNarrowly edging LeBron James tackling a fan after he hit a shot for $75K is this submission from Atlanta, which epitomizes the Philips Arena experience.

6. Bobcats’ Henderson apologizes after hitting woman in face with errant passThis video starts inauspiciously enough, but follow Gerald Henderson’s pass into the stands and you’ll see a Bobcats fan drop like a sack of potatoes. Really, really heavy potatoes.

5. Wide-eyed Tyler Hansbrough backs down from Metta World Peace. I’M SO SORRY, METTA! I HAD NO IDEA! MY BAD! ‘Pyscho T’ looked ready to unleash a world of hurt on whoever was hanging on his back until he turned around and stared down the scariest man in the NBA.

Tyler Hansbrough thought twice on this play. (ESPN on YouTube)

My bad, bro. (ESPN on YouTube)

Just as good as this still is watching Hansbrough’s recognition of World Peace (oh, the irony) as the instigator in the video. And while it’s easy to poke fun at Tyler, apologizing immediately was hands-down the best decision of his life.


I don't know if it's the "Viral Videos" but how is Ray Rays three in game 6 not on this list?


@Skins'Fan That was an iconic moment, but most serious NBA fans watched it live.  I'm not sure the replay of it went viral, as it was more significant for when it happened and for its title ramifications.