Posted January 16, 2014

Video: Suns’ Alex Len, Lakers’ Nick Young ejected after altercation

Alex Len, Ben Golliver, Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Young, Phoenix Suns

Suns rookie center Alex Len and Lakers guard Nick Young were both ejected from Phoenix’s 121-114 home victory on Wednesday following a second quarter altercation.

With a little less than eight minutes remaining in the second quarter and Phoenix leading 36-35, Young attacked the basket from the right wing. Len hit Young across the face as he tried to contest the shot, sending Young to the floor.

Young immediately took exception to the foul, hopping to his feet and shoving Len. Although players from both teams stepped in to deescalate the situation, Young eventually made a punch-like motion in the direction of Suns guard Goran Dragic, who was attempting to intervene.

Lakers guard Nick Young was ejected after this altercation with the Suns. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport)

Lakers guard Nick Young was ejected after this altercation with the Suns. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The referees assessed a flagrant foul 2 to Len for his original foul. The flagrant foul 2 designation applies to contact that is deemed “unnecessary and excessive” and it requires an automatic ejection. The referees ruled that Young was guilty of a punching foul, which also requires an automatic ejection. reported after the game that Young was upset that his Lakers teammates didn’t have his back in the scrum.

“What I’m mad about is it was 1-on-5, I felt like,” Young said. “If somebody [from the Lakers] would have got in the middle, everything wouldn’t have escalated that much.”

Len departed with two points (on 1-for-3 shooting) and three rebounds in four minutes.

Young departed with nine points (on 4-for-8 shooting) and three rebounds in 11 minutes.

Phoenix improved to 22-16 with the win. L.A. dropped to 14-25 with its six straight loss.

Video via YouTube user NBA Highlights


Lol.  That announcer kills me.  How can you say that wasn't a hard foul?  Len didn't even make a play on the ball.  At any rate...the NBA needs more hard fouls.  Good for you, Len.