Posted January 19, 2014

Video: Pacers’ David West ejected for flagrant elbow to Clippers’ Blake Griffin

Ben Golliver, Blake Griffin, David West, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers

David West was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejected for elbowing Blake Griffin in the head during the Pacers’ 106-92 home victory over the Clippers on Saturday.

With the Pacers leading 57-41 in the closing seconds of the first half, Griffin attempted a spinning lay-up that rimmed out as time expired. He attempted to grab the ball after the whistle, and West also reached over in an attempt to claim possession.

The two forwards fought for control of the ball — a meaningless activity given that the half was over — and they eventually became entangled as the ball squirted free. As he headed away from the exchange, West swung his right elbow back into Griffin’s head.

The officials assessed a flagrant foul 2 for the elbow, a designation that applies to contact that is deemed both “unnecessary and excessive,” and requires an automatic ejection. West departed with four points (on 2-for-4 shooting) and two rebounds in 15 minutes.

Griffin was not penalized for his role in the incident and he was awarded two free throws to begin the second half.

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Indiana took a 16-point lead into halftime and they didn’t look back in the second half. Things got so out of hand that Paul George had the opportunity to throw down a 360-degree windmill dunk during garbage time.

George finished with a game-high 36 points (on 12-for-17 shooting), six rebounds, two assists and three steals. Lance Stephenson added 22 points (on 8-for-17 shooting), 12 rebounds and seven assists for the Pacers.

Griffin finished with 19 points (on 6-for-18 shooting), eight rebounds and four assists. Jamal Crawford led the Clippers with a team-high 22 points (on 7-for-18 shooting).

The Pacers improved their league-best record to 32-7 with the victory. The Clippers fell to 28-14 with the loss.

Video via YouTube user NBA Highlights Full | Hat tip: ProBasketballTalk


Reggie Miller called the League ' soft ' because of their decision on the West foul.  R. Miller needs to understand that the 'League' ( Officials ) are looking out for the Game and the PLAYERS when they enforce the NBA rules.

I can't think of a quicker way to lose viewers, Season Ticket Holders and ENDORSEMENTS and ruin a League like the NBA than to NOT call fouls that can lead to brawls.

 A lot of contact in the low post is one thing, but that was a flagrant swipe.


Pacers won't win a championship because of David West.


I blame whoever the 2nd Clipper player was who had his hands around West's waist pulling him backward.  That wasn't even a flagrant1, much less flagrant2 but, the refs missing calls in a horrendous manner seems to be normal now.


Out of all people Barnes stops the scuffle. He aint that bad after all.