Posted January 30, 2014

Video: Spurs’ Tony Parker shoots possibly the worst free throw in NBA history

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The NBA is home to plenty of terrible free throw shooters. Spurs star Tony Parker is not one of them.

That said, the video above might literally be the worst free throw attempt you’ve ever seen. Little kids included.

Parker — an 80.3 percent shooter from the stripe this season — went to the line after Joakim Noah picked up a technical foul in Wednesday’s Spurs-Bulls game.

Parker’s shot appeared to slip out of his hands and maybe made it halfway to the hoop. It was so bad, in fact, that officials waved it off and gave Parker a mulligan, ruling the Spurs guard had been distracted by the referees while shooting.

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Parker’s second attempt was significantly better (imagine if it had been worse!), connecting on the shot to the dismay of the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau, who were left wondering why Parker’s spectacular airball went into thin air.

Parker finished with 20 points and a pristine 3-of-3 mark from the free throw line, but the Bulls won 96-86.

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Video courtesy of YouTube user NBAHighlightsDaily.


Ref committed a defensive lane violation


He clearly pulled up, might've had something else on his mind (dinner, the cable bill problem, etc.) or like Collins speculated, "referee (may've) said something to him."  Either way, it's Tony Parker.  He gets benefit of doubt and hence, this does not qualify for "worst free throw" ranking, Matt.  But it is funny to watch. 


I can't stand the Spurs and got a good laugh out of this... but seriously, the ref steps into the paint as Parker starts his shot and it sure looks like Tony Parker pulls up/back and tries to halt his shooting motion. The "distracted by the refs" argument reads pretty flimsy, but from the video it actually, legitimately looks to be the case.