Posted February 08, 2014

Video: Magic’s Tobias Harris throws down buzzer-beating dunk to top Thunder

Ben Golliver, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, Tobias Harris

Magic forward Tobias Harris threw down a buzzer-beating dunk to top the Thunder 103-102 in Orlando on Friday night.

Oklahoma City snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in less than five seconds flat.

With the Thunder leading 102-101, Kevin Durant went in search of a knockout blow on his team’s final possession. The shot clock and the game clock were separated by about five seconds, leading Durant to loft a mid-range jumper with seven seconds remaining in regulation. Durant’s shot drew back iron and the ball caromed out near the three-point line.

Victor Oladipo gave chase, managing to secure possession by beating two Thunder players to the ball and immediately taking off for the races. Orlando found itself in a three-on-one fast break opportunity as a bewildered Durant stood and watched the action unfold. Oladipo dished a bounce pass to Moe Harkless, who in turn passed on a lay-up opportunity to feed the trailing Harris.

Harris received the ball with one second remaining in the game, but he still found a way to jump quickly and throw down a two-handed dunk just moments before the horn sounded. Replays showed that Harris did beat the buzzer — barely — and Orlando claimed its improbable victory, much to the Amway Center’s delight.

(Fernando Medina/Getty Images)

Tobias Harris throws down the game-winning dunk just before the buzzer. (Fernando Medina/Getty Images)

Harris finished with a team-high 18 points (on 6-for-17 shooting), five rebounds and two assists. Arron Afflalo chipped in 16 points (on 3-for-11 shooting), five assists and two rebounds for the Magic.

Durant led all scorers with 29 points (on 10-for-22 shooting) and added 12 assists and five rebounds. Serge Ibaka added 26 points (on 10-for-13 shooting) and six rebounds in a losing effort.

Orlando improved to 15-37 with the win. Oklahoma City dropped to 40-12 with the loss.

Video via YouTube user frank den


Because he focuses on scoring stats not rebounding stats


Durant didnt need to shoot the ball yet , by refusing to make 1 extra pass it cost OKC the game... after a poor shot Durant, doesnt get back on Defense.. gives up on the play... and the sad thing this is the guy they will give the MVP to for having 1 hot month... Durant needs to improve his all around game... people are fooled when Durant is hitting jumpers.. but ignore the fact he takes plays off on defense... He is 6'11 with a 7 foot plus wing span... can anyone tell me why Durant isnt averaging 9 plus rebounds a game?


@MrGameandShow and @M as in Mancy 

you guys can't be serious... stoping making excuses for a player that cost his team the game and QUIT on the play.. there was 2 seconds left when durant shot the ball if he had passed or backed up and then shot the ball.... it wouldnt leave enough time / or a shot clock violation would allow OKC to set up their defense...its not about Durant shooting too much

Everyone on the team is asked to help out on the glass... so please stop your crap... SF, SG ..B.S. when was the last time you heard a coach say ....its ok we dont need any team rebounding... if old man Ray Allen can have a few double digits rebound games i believe 12 is his season high... and no one plays further from the basket than him...then i am sure Durant could average 9 rebounds a game...

M as in Mancy
M as in Mancy

@friendly--neighborhood--scrawler  Durant is a swingman on offense and defense. So he sometimes guards SGs and SFs. This assignment means he usually won't be around the basket as much as a PF or C. Thus less rebounds. My confusion is: 

With his length and athleticism, the man he guards should rarely score over 15.

M as in Mancy
M as in Mancy

@friendly--neighborhood--scrawler @MrGameandShow @M as in Mancy  You must be joking. Bringing up Ray Allen's rebounding stats? He has a career RPG of 4.1 and season RPG of 3.0

No one says that an SG or SF doesn't need to hit the boards. There's this thing called physics that makes the ball rebound closer to the basket. Which happens to be where front court players are. 

If you want to cry about Durant's individual rebounding, at least look at OKC team differential. They have a team rebounding differential of +5.1 which is #1 in the NBA. Obviously there is absolutely nothing wrong with OKC's rebounding.